The transformation of economies worldwide towards climate neutrality will require not only renewable electricity but also climate-neutral energy carriers such as hydrogen and its derivatives. The production cost of electric fuels (e-fuels) are to a large extent driven by the energy-intensive electro...

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Due to the current dynamic overall situation in the energy sector and its particular energy policy challenges, the BMWK has asked the Expert Commission on the Energy of the Future Monitoring Process, of which Prof. Grimm is a member, to prepare an analysis on the current situation on the electricity market and on further development possibilities of the electricity market design against the background of the energy transition.

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Ulrike Pfefferer received the EnCN Energy Award 2022 for her master thesis “Regional smart markets for market-based congestion management in the German electricity sector” on December 16, 2022. The EnCN Energy Award is awarded annually by the Energie Campus Nürnberg e.V. in collaboration with the En...

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