Ulrike Pfefferer receives the EnCN Energy Award 2022

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Ulrike Pfefferer received the EnCN Energy Award 2022 for her master thesis “Regional smart markets for market-based congestion management in the German electricity sector” on December 16, 2022. The EnCN Energy Award is awarded annually by the Energie Campus Nürnberg e.V. in collaboration with the Energie Campus Nürnberg to outstanding Bachelor and Master theses in order to reward and support contributions of outstanding young graduates in the field of research and development of renewable energies.
In her master thesis analyzed Ulrike Pfefferer the integration of decentralized flexibility options by temporary and regionally limited markets (smart markets) as market-based element in the German congestion management system. The analysis of two fuel price scenarios in 2030, taking the current assumptions for future developments in the energy sector into account, showed the increasing importance of integrating regional flexible capacity in the electricity market. By integrating smart markets into the existing energy-only market design, it is possible not only to integrate additional providers of regional flexibility into the electricity market, but also to reduce curtailment of renewable energy sources and congestion management cost as well as the realization of welfare gains. The outstanding master thesis was supervised by Lukas M. Lang.