Social Networks and Human Behavior

The research area “Social Networks and Human Behaviour” focuses on understanding how social networks influence an individual’s behaviour in a number of different ways. Through information flow in social networks, individuals form beliefs about the world and potential successful strategies. They also hold preferences about the outcomes of other members in the network, build reputations with others, and form reciprocal relationships. Additionally, individuals may respond to pressure from other members to conform to social norms within the network. By studying these relationships and interactions between them, this research area aims to deepen our understanding of decision-making and society as a whole.

Group members

Head of research area
Prof. Dr. Veronika Grimm


Research associates
Yuval Ofek-Shanny, Ph.D. Xiaoyu Zhou, Ph.D. Edmund Baker


Student assistants
Jasper Dean Jaroslaw Sentschuk


  • New Advisory Council for Consumer Affairs appointed (December 1, 2022)
    On December 1, 2022, Federal Minister of Consumer Protection Steffi Lemke appointed the new Advisory Council for Consumer Affairs (SVRV). Over the next four years, the nine members of the interdisciplinary body will advise the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV) on consumer policy issues. In addition to Prof. Dr. Veronika Grimm and six other scientists, the council also includes two representatives of practice from business and consumer advice.








  • Drichoutis, A., Grimm, V., Karakostas, A., & Zhurakhovska, L. (2016). Queue Jumping.



  • Advisory Council for Consumer Affairs
    The Advisory Council for Consumer Affairs (SVRV) is an advisory body of the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (BMJV). It was set up in November 2014 by the Federal Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection, Heiko Maas. The Advisory Council is independent and is based in Berlin. The Advisory Council for Consumer Affairs is tasked with using research findings and drawing on the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection’s practical experience to help shape consumer policy.