Economics of Climate Change


This course focuses on the interactions between society, the economy and climate change: one of the greatest challenges of our time. Main topics are the physical basics of climate change, mitigation strategies, the economics of climate change, the application of integrated assemssment modelling, and policies to promote the transformation to a climate neutral economy and society.


Please see the list of associated degree programmes on the course site in Campo.


Lectures are mostly in person at the Lange Gasse in Nuremberg.


There will be a written exam (60 minutes long) towards the end of the semester. The exam covers all materials from the lectures and exercise classes. In addition, students will be asked to complete a homework assignment. In the second half of the semester the students will work on a term paper. The course can be passed only if both, the final exam and the term paper, are passed. The final grade composes the final exam (50%) with a possible bonus form the homework assignment and the term paper (50%).

Credit points:

Master students who pass the exam and term paper receive 5 ECTS points.

Contact person:

Jonas Egerer