Microeconomics for IBS / IES students

Course overview:

Microeconomics for IBS / IES students is an undergraduate course that introduces basic microeconomic concepts. The course opens with a general introduction to the field of Economics. The main topics of the course include:

  • Choice – under constraints, in strategic interaction, within the firm, under different institutions.
  • The Firm – production, price-setting, price-taking.
  • The Market – market equilibrium, market failures.

The learning methodology of the course is to start from a question that arises from data or daily life, then study a model useful for answering the question and return to the question at the end to apply the model we studied.


Course objectives:

The students will acquire the ability to:

  • define the core concepts of microeconomics
  • describe some historical background of Economics science development
  • use models and data to analyze an economic question or phenomenon
  • fit a proper model to an economic issue
  • investigate a current microeconomic issue.


Course material and organization:

We will place all related materials and all notifications about the course on StudOn.

Please make sure you access it frequently.


Course textbook:

The Economy, The Core Team


Contact person:

Yuval Ofek-Shanny